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Welcome to Poole Harbour

Use this website to check out the current wind and weather in Poole Harbour before travelling.

Welcome to: www.pooleharbourweather.com - a service created in 2006 for local sailors and harbour users who would like to know what current conditions to expect at the harbour's edge prior to leaving home or office for the day for leisure, racing etc. Weather Station instruments are located at Whitley Lake, Sandbanks and record real-time wind and weather conditions across the Harbour. Data is updated every three seconds.

For new users... as well as viewing the instruments, trends can be seen by clicking your left mouse button when the description writing is highlighted. Eg. Over the barometric pressure, click your mouse and the 24hr trend will appear...put your mouse pointer over the wind direction writing and the wind direction trend showing veering or backing can be seen..... etc.

Some statistics from Septemeber 2013 : Annual site visits maxed out at over 1 million per annum.
Also, we received the highest traffic ever on the day of a big storm in March 2008. There were 33,692 visits in 24hrs.....

NEWS: 27th September 2013 the IPhone and IPad App was released in the Apple store. Any purchases will help to keep the site open.

Thanks to all users for your support.

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Happy sailing and boating